ID-10036312“And when the vultures came down on the carcasses, Abram drove them away.” Genesis 15:11

God lured Abram from his tent to gaze at the night sky. With no streetlights around, the heavenlies dazzled with uncountable stars. Why would the Creator of the nightly luminaries ask Abram to look to the skies? The answer – he was looking around at what he lacked, and lost sight of God’s promises. Previously the Lord pledged the aged man a family tree with descendents as numerous as dust of the earth. As Abram’s biological clock ticked away, he had no heir, and most of all, a coveted – a son.

Fear crept into his heart. Fear brings out the worst in all of us. Abram was no different. He told the Almighty what was nagging him each day he woke up and at night before he fell asleep. The desire for a son never left his heart. In a tone which almost deems accusatory, Abram states God still has left him childless and perhaps a hired hand will be his only heir. I sense a bit of a pity party. I’ve held enough of them to know what they look and sound like!

One of God’s greatest attributes is long suffering. He suffered long with Abram and He suffers long through all of our little tantrums. He knows our weaknesses and loves us anyway. Once again the Creator of life vows to the one who believes in God, BUT, is weak in faith to believe God. Abram believed God and was on a journey to follow Him. However, when the former promise of a child appeared forgotten, Abram’s faith waned.

Now God promised descendents as numerous as the stars in the skies. At last, Abram chose to believe God. The Almighty would perform a miracle. Somehow, some way. A sacrifice was in order to seal the deal. Abram did his part, and then waited on God. He waited so long the vultures came down and were shooed away.

Vultures swoop down as we wait on unfulfilled prayers. Worry, doubt, fear, anger – these vultures try to steal our belief that God is able. Like Abram, we have to shoo them away as we wait. We have to keep our eyes up and not around.

Abram believed God. He accounted it to him for righteousness. Simple faith. Trust without borders.

Tonight I look up and pray for this kind of faith.

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The Vultures

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  • December 4, 2015 at 9:23 am

    Love your encouraging words.

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