“For we died and were buried with Christ by baptism. And just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, now we also may live new lives.” Romans 6:4

A cadaver lay cold on the gurney. A group of students observed various surgeries take place on the lifeless body. The teenagers, whose dreams of becoming surgeons, discovered the precision and skill required to perform an actual surgery. The only difference – there was no life in the body before them, no reaction in heartbeats or the flow of blood.
Before we come to Christ in salvation, we are dead to God and alive to sin. Sin fuels our actions and desires. But God does an amazing task. Once we surrender to Him in salvation, He does surgery on our lifeless bodies. As the sheet is pulled down, the Great Physician begins His work. The slow and careful process begins. The patient may resist the work; even leave the table because of pain. But soon enough, he or she will be back again because the malady has returned. This Master Surgeon knows all the surgeries necessary in the future. Yet, He restrains Himself from performing all incisions at once. The body needs time to adjust and heal before the next incisions can be made. Each operation yields a new transformation. The yielded patient awakes with delight. The old problem – gone! The power of a resurrected life is a joy to the recipient and the observers too. If the problem resurfaces, the prescription for curing is found on the knees and in the Word, the maintenance manual.
Only God has the power to make alive what was dead, to heal what was diseased, and enable one to walk in newness of life.
Do you need healing today? Are you in need of resurrection? The Great Physician has the cure. Return to the One who desires to make you whole again.

The Gurney