“Picking up a dog by the ears— that’s what someone is like who meddles in another’s fight.”Prov. 26:17

Never yank a dog’s tail! I learned this lesson the hard way.

My backyard was the neighborhood gathering for all games and activities. One sunny afternoon, a stray bulldog passed through the yard. The rambunctious group of children ran over to the dog, asking who it belonged to. I proudly declared it was mine. I lied. I called out a fictitious name and yanked the dog’s tail to turn it around. The animal proceeded to slice his teeth through my arm. I remember crying in the emergency room as I was being stitched up, explaining to the doctor what I had done. I don’t know which hurt more, the wound from the dog or the embarrassment of what I’d done. My desire to impress proved to be harmful.
Meddling in another’s business can cause great harm. What instigates meddling? Is the desire to help the springboard, or arrogance in assuming you possess skills that will even the scales for others? Possibly the desire to impress others with your compassion and kindness propels you to act when you shouldn’t.
I’ve meddled in others affairs and been burned. My desire to help came with complications which clouded better judgment. On my knees in the distance would’ve been the safest and most beneficial solution to the problem.
Meddling can prove to be an unwanted intrusion. Unless someone asks for our help or advice, more often than not, it’s unwanted. Prayerfully seek unsolicited advice or attention. A bloodied heart is as slow to heal as a shredded arm. I’ve been the recipient of both.