ID-100116533 (1)“Are you the Coming One, or do we look for another?” Luke 7:19

John the Baptist despaired for his life. He’d experienced the distinct privilege of baptizing Jesus, and proclaiming repentance and forgiveness from the long awaited Savior. John’s preaching the message of sin, and a rebuke to a “king” led him locked behind prison doors. He committed his life for Christ, but did his Savior forget him and all he’d accomplished?

Jesus continued to travel the surrounding regions ministering and healing those who sought Him. But John – forsaken and left alone in prison. Surely the Messiah held the power to free him. What would possess Jesus to forsake John? These thoughts raced through John’s mind and his feelings led him to doubt the One he’d risked his life for. Needing answers and a sliver of hope, he sent some disciples with a “Mayday, Mayday” message to Jesus.

The term “Mayday” is a French word meaning “help me.” In 1927 it became the official voice distress call for life threatening emergencies.

As John’s heart sank deeper and deeper, he began to wonder if perhaps this man called Jesus wasn’t God’s Son after all. Otherwise, the prison doors would pop open and John’s circumstances would be different, better, maybe even grand and glorious. Haven’t we all experienced thoughts like these? If God really cared He’d do something.

While this thinking is faulty and limits God’s overall plan for our lives, delayed answers can take us from paddling for our lives to sinking in despair. I find comfort that John, the forerunner of Christ, experienced the same feelings as me (and you).

I’ve beat myself up for sinking moments until I remember:

Peter sank, Thomas needed living proof, many disciples deserted, the brother of Jesus initially doubted Him, and even the bold John became skeptical.

Doubt, despair, discouragement – crashing waves meant to drown us.

He is who He says He is. Blessed are those who don’t fall away or sink in the unfairness boat.

Hold on. Your story isn’t over yet….


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Mayday, Mayday
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