“So the Philistines took dirt and filled up all the wells that his father’s servants had dug back in the days of his father Abraham.” Genesis 26:15

A God fearing, aged father desired a bride for his son. If at all possible, this dad wished to be alive during the nuptials. God’s promise to this man Abraham brought joy – descendents too numerous to count. The patriarch prayed fervently. He sent out his servant to find the right woman for the son Isaac. A long journey in arid conditions left the servant in need of water for himself and his camels. Oh yes, and a bride for his master’s son. A well appeared on the horizon. He dropped to his knees and begged God for success. He prayed more for his master’s final wish than his own need for quenching at the well. And God delivered. Beauty and purity all in one package.

Fast forward several decades. Isaac and his servants seek refreshing from  some wells his father dug years before. Isaac leans over only to find them filled with dirt. The enemy filled his wells with “earth.” His response – don’t give up, dig another well. Stop here. Has Satan filled any of your wells with dirt – wells of hope for your children, pregnancy, husband, job, ministry, family….?

Isaac’s servants believed water existed somewhere. They dug until H2O bubbled up. Before they could high five one another, the enemy fought for control of the newly found refreshing. So, they dug again. Another fight, another dig. The third try proved successful. The enemy’s resistance wore out and God won over. The place where water and hope sprung up – Rehoboth. It means “wide street.” Isaac shouted, “For now the Lord has made room for us and we will be prosperous in the land.”

We all grow weary of dirt filled wells. Easy Street cries out, “Give up!” Wide Street beckons, “God’s grace and mercy flow here.” Digging while exhausted is tough. When the shovel is heavy and the hands are weak, pray. Keep digging. God’s resources never run dry.

Dirt Filled Wells
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  • February 18, 2016 at 11:00 am

    What an encouragement for a dry season!

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