It’s over. Christmas was yesterday. The countdown and hype has ceased. The advent calendar has no more windows to open. No more “fa-la-la-la’s.” We throw away the wrapping paper, un-trim the tree, and return to work. There’s no more talk of Christmas for several hundred more days.

Is this why Christ came? For tinsel and lights, and gifts under the tree? For festivities that, quite frankly, take priority over fellowship with Him?

I’m no Scrooge. I love this holiday more than most folks. I anticipate and decorate with great gusto. I promise to keep my Savior “the reason for the season.” But to be honest, I fall short. I look back over the weeks that have passed and realize festivities trumped fellowship on more than one occasion. Gift buying and giving clouded the Gift – Jesus, the Babe, whose purpose was to give His life a ransom for many, including me.

The Wise Men weren’t present the day Christ was born. Their journey to Him was long and extended past the date on the calendar. My journey to Jesus is much the same. It extends past December 25th. It’s a day by day experience. Christmas day brightens the joy of why He came, but isn’t a disappointment the day after the birthday party. The celebration should never be anti-climactic. My prayer in the coming year is to embrace with anticipation what the Savior holds for me each and every day. I want the celebration to continue in the way I live life!

This past year had some extreme highs and lows. In a moment of darkness, I questioned God as to why I was even still on the planet. He didn’t answer me with words. He just opened doors. He extended grace to this women whose doubt had hit an all time low. He carried me through the valleys and, if I’m not off track, laughed when He placed me on a television show, radio interviews, and helped me finish my first book (I am hoping 2015 includes its publishing!).

The year ahead has some great things already popping up on the calendar. A new granddaughter makes her arrival in February, joining her two precious sisters. Speaking engagements are lining up as well. I celebrate Jesus because He was born, died for all sins (including mine) and is very much alive and active in my life. I desire others to embrace and anticipate what He wants to do in their lives as well as yours! Keep the celebration going!

2014 Newsletter
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